Riding Hiatus

Time and tide waits for no man. Biking and blogging has no patience for the busy mann too. I’ve not taken a ride since I sold my beloved Thundercat Fazer in end-March. Hence, the lack of updates and staid weekends. Swamped with the usual work and life stuff, the biking nomad is no longer the carefree and itineriant biker. Life’s thrown up so many changes, I’ve not even realised it’s been so long.

This weekend the lack of biking has really hit home and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy my precious weekends. All that quality time riding, exploring new places and routes, feasting on the simple wonders of street food, lusting for another hot new bike and chilling out with like-minded brothers from the biker brethren. I am missing it all! Oh, the heart wrenching ache!

I need to get myself a ride soon, very soon! But what could be legendary after the Thundera? (Remember, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats! Ho!) Initially, on the short list were the faster-in-red sports-tourers:

  • Suzuki Hayabusa – (well, she’s more of a drag strip racer!)
  • Honda VFR – (love that viffer growl and the lines on the bike. All red!)

However, (I think) now I’ve made up my mind to go for a second hand scrambler/trail bike. For one, it’ll be a first for me. I’ll also get a chance to learn some much needed skills and exposure to trailing/off-roading. Then I can then consider more far flung, off the beaten and paved path places for a riding holiday. Think India, China, Africa, Morocco. Endless desert dunes, rocky mountains with precipitous drops, lush green verdant valleys. Sweet mother nature!

 Unfortunately, scrams in Singapore are not exactly a category where one is spoilt for choice. I’ve narrowed down my requirements to a 250-400 cc 4-stroke light trail bike that can be used for the occasional commute during weekends. Under consideration are a Kawasaki KLX 250, Honda XR250 Baja and Honda XR400.

I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or recommendations on these or other similar bikes. Look forward to getting in the saddle and hitting some berms and mud.


~ by Biking Nomad on 15 June, 2008.

One Response to “Riding Hiatus”

  1. XR400 has my vote. Hope this doesn’t come in too late.

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