Google Maps – The Twisty Tour

Google just keeps coming up with some very amazing applications. Google Earth and Google Maps have been around for some time but they are new to the Biking Nomad. After all, revelling in a nomadic existence does have its benefits and drawbacks. Not having to worry if you’ve got the most trick gadget is a perk; but on the downside it’s news to you when Google comes up with a nifty application.

Here’s Google Maps working it’s wonders. I have traced part of my enchanting ride through the Gerik Highway on Google Maps for a visual of the twists and turns on that road. It’ll probably explain the title of that ride report to you.

(If it doesn’t display here, or for a expanded view, you will need to click on the link)

View Larger Map


~ by Biking Nomad on 7 February, 2008.

One Response to “Google Maps – The Twisty Tour”

  1. Hey bikingnomad … I am a bikenomad too 😛

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I will keep coming back to yours. The Gerik ride sounds awesome – 1600kms though varied terrain. WoW! 🙂

    Keep Riding.

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