One World, Two Wheels

‘One world, two wheels’, says the treasure-trove – the motorcycle travel site run by the adventurous and well-travelled couple Grant and Susan Johnson. This is not just an adage for this energetic and adventurous couple. They lived the dream, circumnavigating the world from 1987 to 1998. Now, they help other dreamers achieve this.

The less driven dreamers like me have to content our biker hearts with journeying vicariously with the Round-The-World (RTW) by bike community, but not Goh Mia Chuan and his wife Pan Ling Hong.

The plucky couple from Singapore are 23 days into their 18-month trip that will take them through 48 countries. They almost did not get on the road. Their fully prepped Africa Twin with all the bells and whistles one needs for a undertaking like this and the SGD $24,000 that went into it vanished in minutes during a stop for a test-ride in Malaysia in October 2007.

Now, how in the world does one circumnavigate the one world without the two wheels?A ceaseless spirit and a never-say-die fortitude saw them through that ordeal. Not that it was their first. Nor will it be their last in a journey as this. As another one of my RTW heroes, Glen Heggstad aka Striking Viking epitomises, “the adventure begins when things stop going to plan.”

Resolute about not giving up on his trip, Goh bought another Africa Twin, ploughed more cash into it to get it adventure-worthy and christened her Hope Too. The unexpected expenses have almost wiped out his budget. Worst, Hope Too has been acting up and her road-worthiness has only been through the tame roads of Malaysia and Thailand.

Currently, crating and waiting to fly from Bangkok to Nepal for the next leg of his journey, Goh is relying on a merry-band of biker brothers in Singapore to help him with raising funds. Ever the entrepreneur, he is now sending home stickers and keep-sakes and auctioning these to readers of his blog to fuel the next and the subsequent day of his amazing journey.

Surf on to his blog @ and join him in his once in a life time journey. If you have any way of rendering assistance, encouragement or thanking him for the vicarious pleasure please drop him a line. I look forward to sharing more of his journey.

In time to come, I will endeavour to write about some of my other RTW heroes and my almost lunatic fascination and obsession with bike travel.


I do not know Goh Mia Chuan or Pan Ling Hong personally but I am moved and encouraged by their indomitable spirit and I would like to do the least for a fellow Singaporean, ardent biker, and kindred travelling soul. As an aspiring biking nomad, I am absolutely hanging on to his every word and picture.


~ by Biking Nomad on 25 January, 2008.

5 Responses to “One World, Two Wheels”

  1. Just came across your site from link from adv rider. Look forward to hearing more about your rides in the area.

  2. Thank you michael. I look forward to doing more rides soon and keeping this fledgling effort going.
    Will work on having better pictures and prose!

    Does anyone know how I can insert pictures as thumbnails in the post but open in a new window when clicked?

  3. Hi Biking Nomad,
    Dropped by to check out your blog. Its a good thing you only have 3 posts as yet, so i dun have to thump thru too much to claim i read your entire blog! Haha.. You have a good sense of humour and writing style. I can imagine u will write a much better rtw piece in time to come. Will be dropping by evey once in a while. Thumbs up.

  4. Hi Pplater,

    Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words. Lucky, I’m a rough tough biker so you can’t make me blush! Do appreciate your encouragement as it makes the effort worthwhile.

    I did have another blog going but gave it up because social/political commentary is not as rewarding as biking. And this is the perfect excuse to practice and plan for the big ‘un! It’s gotten to 3 and counting, I hope I can keep it up.

    Let me know if you have any interesting rides to suggest. I’m going to try to take tons of pics like you on my next ride! Then I can write less! Ride fast, ride safe.

    Ride to dreaam,
    Biking Nomad

  5. I was here!

    Keep up the good work!


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